Gina M. Crawford earned a J.D. from Case Western Reserve University, a Ph.D. from Kent State University, a M.A. from Northwestern University, and a B.A. from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Dr. Crawford knows that planning, preparation, and hard work are the keys to success.  She places an emphasis on understanding her clients' goals and objectives.  Whether preparing for an arbitration, an out-of-court mediation, or a trial, Dr. Crawford takes a cooperative approach and considers all perspectives.

     Her goal is to provide you with guidance and practical solutions, regardless of the legal situation.  She makes it a point to pair you and your case with the most skilled and experienced team of professionals. This is her way of ensuring your case gets the proper attention and you get the results you expect.

     Gina M. Crawford, Ph.D., J.D., is practicing attorney and a psychologist.  She combines her skills in the behavioral sciences and the law to provide clients with creative solutions to complex legal issues.  Dr. Crawford works with the leading experts in the trial consulting field to create winning strategies.  By collaborating with highly experienced and skilled demonstrative evidence experts, she assists trial teams with developing case themes and strategies.  This collaboration transforms complex legal concepts into visually clear messages.  Then, she tests the strategies with qualitiative research methods such as focus groups and mock trials. 

     The collaboration continues as Dr. Crawford works with the trial team to prepare witnesses to tell the truth with clarity. She also assists with voir dire and jury selection to assist the trial team with seating an unbiased group. 

     Dr. Crawford maintains the highest and strictest standards when it comes to her clients.  She has a solid reputation for being responsive, dedicated, and thorough which stems from an unyielding work ethic.